Moving Your Small Business Forward With Pop-Ups

If you’re working within a small business, or are freelancing and creating your own designs, the chances are that you are already marketing yourself online. Whether it’s via an ecommerce platform such as Etsy or simply plugging yourself through social media, the lure of physical shops has somehow lost its appeal.

There are high rents being charged with little in return; more people than ever are shopping online nowadays, and far be it from them to change their habits now. However, this isn’t to say that you can’t branch out into that market. Pop up shops are the new convenient solution to not committing for the long term.

Getting Ideas

There are businesses who have already delved into the experiential world of Pop-Up marketing. Hot Pickle are steaming ahead with their insights; they are a company that managed to shut down the whole of Regents Street, in London UK, to provide a consumer experience on behalf of Walls Ice Cream, selling Magnums to the masses. Whilst you may not have the budget to get in a company to do it all for you, it’s worth taking hints and tips from what you can see; everything from the signage design to where everything is placed. Different environments require different pop-ups, and you have to ensure that you are marketing yourself correctly to your target demographic.


How To Get Involved

Get in touch with a shop or store need you and put the feelers out. One that already has a reputation of running with pop-ups may be the one to aim for. It could be that there is a space available or they are changing the whole dynamics around to make way for new and emerging talent. There has been a lot of focus on small businesses at the moment, with people more eager to give their money over for a product that they can trace the history of rather than parting with their cash in order to fund big corporations who wouldn’t considerably benefit from just one sale. It may be that you take on a market stall as your pop-up, which means that you’ll be able to spring into action at different events all around the country rather than sticking to just one spot. This is good for those who are wanting to showcase things like food and drink, which may become a stagnant trade if not moving around to attraction different customers and creating a demand.

How Much It’ll Cost You

You will need to get all of your branding done beforehand to ensure that you are attractive, presentable and relatable with your customer. People like something that they can recognise and associate their purchase with later on. You may have to pay a one-off fee to secure your stall or it may be that a percentage of your sales is required to secure your spot. Make sure that you have any agreement written down and signed so as you’re not paying more than you should when things come to an end.

What do you think? What kind of small business do you own? I’m planning on starting one, but well… Lack of ideas over here!