Why You Should Create A Collaborative Business Structure Now

When businesses talk about working on the cloud, what they mean is not being on top of the tech trends, but in fact being able to work in the most collaborative way. Cloud computing is not new, and most individual users would have had a taste of it with some of the Google tools or even Dropbox. The ability to save items in a secured digital space means that your files remain accessible wherever you are, assuming that you still have a decent Internet connection.

Consequently one can’t fail to wonder whether the reason for cloud computing is born from the human need to keep up with the technological evolutions, or the natural desire to collaborate smartly and effectively. More importantly, creating a collaborative structure is a change of mindset for a lot of offices, and can require some time to adjust.

After all, everyone is used to their desk, their office their cubicle, their tasks. So what good could a collaborative approach bring?   

1. It’s A Productivity Boost

Online collaboration tools are great to help employees to work together on the same project. Even back in 2014, it was already obvious that effective collaboration tools needed to be accessible via smartphone and desktop screens. Today, more than ever, collaborative tools need to remain accessible on every device. The accessibility enables employees to keep informed on the go, or even to share new information via a different device, such as taking a picture to add to a project file.

Additionally, making a project visible to all means that it is easier for employees to work simultaneously in the same file, such as editing different parts of a Google Drive document, for example, to allow different experts to combine forces.

2. It Promotes A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Putting your work documents and processes in the cloud allows for remote access as long as the users have an Internet connection. Naturally, to keep this remote access secure, you will need to rely on a professional IT support service to provide a customized and protected cloud package that fits your company needs.

Additionally, the cloud solution has to be hosted by a certified cloud host that can guarantee data protection – the MS Hosting certification is something you need to be looking for. You can also choose to work with a less customizable tool, such as Google Drive, that is completely secure and more affordable but less suitable for large-scale companies.

3. It Enables Expertise Recognition

If you’ve already worked on a project with other colleagues in the past, you would have probably noticed how difficult it is sometimes to recognize the work of every single user. More often than not, a project blurs out the identity of each worker and combines them into an anonymous teamwork. From there on, the colleague who speaks the loudest gets the praise.

Cloud tools, not only simplify the process of collaboration but also keep a trace of each collaborator, making it easier to praise each expert for their effort. Nobody thrives in an environment that doesn’t establish a fair system of recognition. Collaborative cloud tools give back to Caesar is Caesar’s.