8 Tips To Keep Your Business Safe And Secure

It’s great having your own business – it’s almost like having your own child; you put in all the hard work, and take responsibility for it, hoping that one day it will be a success.

But none of that can be properly done if you don’t make sure it’s safeIf your business isn’t as secure as possible, you will be making yourself very vulnerable, as well as being an easy target, and we don’t want that! So here’s how you can keep your business protected.

1.Get yourself some CCTV

A lot of people overlook this as they feel it’s a little bit drastic, but this can keep bad people from stepping foot on your property, so surely that’s enough to persuade you. Just seeing them installed outside can work as a real deterrent for thieves, and for the people that think they will take a chance anyway – they will be caught on camera so will be easy enough to be prosecuted.

Not only that, but having them there will make you and your employees feel safer, and that’s what really counts.

2. Security fencing

If you want to go all out to secure your premises, then a high-quality fence will do just that. Not only do they work as a great barrier to keep the robbers away, but they will look very daunting too, and you can bet that no one will even make an effort to get through them.

3. Get a safe for your valuables

This seems like an obvious decision, but believe it or not it’s not just as simple as buying a safe and putting your valuables inside it. Every safe must be made known to your insurance company, along with where you’ve put it and what is inside. They will use this information to decide whether or not they will help you if ever a claim is made.

4. Set up an alarm system

Getting a good alarm should be up there on your priority list because if anyone does make it past your fence and CCTV cameras, you will need to be alerted immediately. Fortunately there are top of the range alarms systems now that notify you of any suspicious activity. They can do this by sending a notification to your phone, whether that be a phone call or text. You will then be given the option to contact the police if need be.

5. Protect yourself online

It’s not just about protecting your business from the outside; there are many people that target you from inside your computer too. So the importance of investing in things like antispyware and antivirusis saving you and your business buddies.

Another big issue is getting your identity stolen when using systems with your personal information all over them. But there is specially designed tech for stopping employee theft, so make sure you cover all the areas before putting anything precious on the computer.

6. Back it up

Back all your documents, data, and important information up properly. If this means downloading everything onto memory cards, and constantly moving your files around – so be it.

It’s not only people that can cause a threat to your business; it can be the system itself. You can never know when your computer just decides to crash (god forbid!) but it does happen. So as long as you have everything backed up, the issue won’t be as big as it could have been.

7. Keep your passwords secure

It’s a given that you will want a password that is impossible to crack. By doing this, make sure you’re creative and don’t ever use real information in a password like birthdays, names or addresses!

It’s a very good idea to include a few different combinations of numbers and letters, and make it as random as possible.

Once you’ve decided on your password, make sure you keep it to yourself, and never share them out or let them be seen by anyone, regardless of how well your trust your staff, it’s just not worth the risk.

8. Update yourself

Make sure you allow regular updates within your company, even if you don’t necessarily think you need them. Updates are specifically designed to keep you in the now, and this means your system is just as strong as everyone else’s. Not doing this it is a lot easier for hackers to break in and do whatever they please. So stay in the loop so no one can take advantage of your weaknesses.