It’s the little things…

When you’re getting going with your own business, whether you’re working alone as a freelancer or setting up a startup with employees, there are certain little things that really do make all the difference to how you operate.

By focusing on these small things that keep the cogs whirring, you’ll be able to comprehend and appreciate the bigger stuff that appears as and when it happens.

1.Give Yourself Time

There needs to be time applied to anything. Unless you have played the lottery, it’s doubtful that you are going to become a millionaire overnight. There is work required when you are starting your own business, and nobody worth following has gotten to where they need to be with constant handouts and leg ups.
Good things come to those who put in the time and effort rather than wait; if you aren’t doing anything to help your business in the time that you have, then you are working your way to failure.
Giving yourself time also works in another sense in this case.

Making something for yourself in terms of business means that you will be putting a lot of your energy into this sole cause. A lot of other things can slip to the wayside, such as family, friends and hobbies. You need to give them attention before they are gone for good. It’s a good idea to give yourself some space away from work before it starts to consume everything that you’re interested in.

2. Set Your Rules And Stick By Them

If you have employees especially, it is good to get yourself an employee handbook to hand out so that your staff know what you expect of them – and what they should expect of you as their boss. This is a foolproof way to ensure that you are both on the same page, so to speak, and can easily pinpoint things that need to be adhered to both in and out of the office.

There are sites such as which can guide you as to what needs to go into your handbooks so that you are getting off to a good start with each and every one of your employees. If you don’t have to constantly update what you are handing out, you are setting up a good grounding for what’s to come; your staff would otherwise expect a revision every couple of months, and so would not conform explicitly to what’s already directed within.

3. Look For Snags

If something within your working process isn’t, well, working, it’s time to cut the cord and leave it behind. You don’t need to continually keep doing something just because it’s been recommended to you or you think that it’s the done thing.- see to look for other ways around how you’re carrying out your processes. Do what feels right to you, and follow this as an example for things to carry out across the rest of your business. If you want to do your accounts at night instead of first thing, that’s fine. If you would rather conduct business meetings outside on the grass than in a stuffy office, that’s okay too.

Sing along to your own tune and don’t let anyone try to add in their own ditties. Equally important is listening to criticism from other people and taking it on board as much as you can. This isn’t to say that you need to constantly beat yourself up about things that you’re getting wrong – they might only be causing disturbance in the eyes of the person that is telling you.

However, it’s good to keep an open mind and to be just as open to improvement as your company is developing.

4. Praise When Praise Is Due

There are so many people who are vital to keeping your business ticking. Even when you’re working as a freelancer, it may just be your partner who is giving you the space that you need within the home and leaving you to your own devices to get things done instead of spending time together who needs just a gentle nudge of praise. It should be given out freely, but only to those that deserve it. You need to remember to give yourself a pat on the back every once in awhile, too.

You can’t keep going on without rewarding yourself for your hard work, else you’ll become disheartened and lose focus. It gets to a point when you think ‘what’s it all about?’ – but start praising yourself and telling yourself that you’re doing well and you’ll begin to remember just why you started.

Love, M.

Photo credit: Pixabay