Business Branding: The Basics

You might have the best idea, product or service imaginable. But that doesn’t mean to say your business will be a success. There’s so much that goes into creating a company that turns a profit year in year out, and getting your name out there and standing out from the crowd are just branding things that you really have to get right.

1.Why Do People Trust Brands?

Getting customers to buy from you when you’re a newer business can be tricky. The first hurdle to overcome is proving that you’re a legitimate business. When it’s so easy for scammers to knock up professional looking websites, people are often concerned about buying from unknown places in case it’s a scam, they sell counterfeit items or what they have ordered won’t show up at all.

When you build your brand and start becoming more well known, customers are far more likely to put their faith in you. Your brand is essentially a promise to the customer, and people go for brands because they know they’re investing in quality and good service.

2. How Can a Brand Set Me Apart

Thanks to the internet, more of us than ever are able to set up businesses and work for ourselves. However, many other people have had the same idea. What this means is that the competition is cutthroat, unless you have a totally unique product or service chances are you’re competing with many others. While this is great news for the customer since it gives them choice, it means that it’s easy to lose out to another business. To set yourself apart, you need to find your unique selling point.

You might offer similar services to other businesses but what makes you different? Perhaps you offer a payment plan to spread the cost where others don’t. Maybe you’re a low cost or luxury version? Whatever it is, focus on that and build your brand on it. That way, people hearing your brand name they know what it is that makes you different. That’s how you will attract the right customers.

3. How Do I Build My Brand

Your business name is the very first step. It’s something you need to get right- make sure it’s memorable and appeals to customers. Next is your logo or trade mark, this is what people will see which will instantly sum up your brand. It should be eye-catching without being fussy, it’s important to speak to a professional designer about this and have it done properly. Once it’s been decided, be sure to go through the trade mark registration process to make sure no one can steal or copy from you. Finally stationery, packing, the website and any print materials should all show your trademark.

As a busy business owner, branding is something you might not have paid close attention to. But it’s incredibly important, so put as much effort in here as any other aspect of your business.

How did you go about branding your business?

Love, M.