Building Your Brand As A Freelancer: The Key Tools You Need

The word brand is thrown about a lot these days in the freelance arena. The term used to be associated purely with big businesses cashing in on corporate clients – but these days just about anyone can have a brand. Yes, even individual people, not just companies!

In fact, it could be argued that a strong brand for a freelancer is even more important than it is for a giant conglomerate. The world of freelancing can be incredibly competitive, so standing out is very important. A dedicated personal brand can help you to do this, and it blurs the line between a client hiring you as a business, and hiring you as a person. It is, of course, all very modern-sounding and confusing. But building your personal brand could be easier than you might think. Here are a few tips that can help you nail it the first time.

1.A great logo

Sure, you’re not a business as such – you’re a person. But that doesn’t mean you need to discount every traditional branding technique in the book. A logo can help you get recognized quickly and easily, especially for those occasions where your name simply can’t cut it. On a tiny business card, for example, you need something that helps you stand out.

Speak to someone who is well versed in graphic design about putting together a logo that you feel encapsulates what it is you do. Then, you can use it as your profile image on your social media, you can watermark your work with it, and it will soon start to become synonymous with what you do.

2. Themed social media

Something I still work on and figuring it out. In the grand scheme of things, social media is still a relatively new phenomenon. It can also easily be said, however, that during that short time it has pretty much taken over the world. Social networking is no longer just a bit of fun, or a procrastination tool either. It is where business connections are made, and where job interviews happen: kind of like an open portfolio, essentially.

For this reason, many freelancers now have to think more critically about the way in which they utilize their social media platforms. Consider first what you would be comfortable with your potential clients and collaborators seeing – if you need to vet your social media, do it! Then think about how your pages look as a whole. If you are a photographer or another creative, having all your images following a similar trend can be crucial in building your brand.

3. Continuity in tone of voice

We all know the power of the written word, and its use online can be particularly influential. That’s why it is important to have continuity in your written work. Whether this is the information you on your website or the text you useĀ onĀ Instagram posts. Is your vibe low-key and ironic, or upbeat and full of wit? Pick whatever comes most naturally to you, and run with it. This will help people know what they’re getting with you – something that’s vital for success in a freelance career.

What are your top branding tips? Let me know down in the comments below.

Love, M.