Website Woes: Is Your Site One Big Mistake?

Websites have been a tool utilized by businesses for a very long time – for over two decades they have been being used – and so, you would think that by now people would know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to website design. Sadly, that isn’t the case – there are still many poorly designed and constructed business websites out there, which impact the success of said businesses in a very real way.

The problem is that websites are what give customers their first glance at a business, which leads to them forming an opinion about the brand. So if your website design isn’t as smart or professional as it could be, it could put customers and potential customers off. If your website hasn’t been professionally designed, then the chances are that your site is one big faux pas and is impacting your success.

With that in mind, it’s essential to fix any issues with your website to improve your company’s chances of success. The question is, what are the website issues that can have the biggest impact on a company’s success?

1.Lack of quality visuals

When it comes to visuals, it’s vital to get the balance just right. What you don’t want is too many images, as this will make your site run slow, but you also don’t want too few images. Ideally, each web page should have two to three visuals. These should be high-quality images or graphics that have been professionally designed and fit your brand image perfectly.

2. Navigation

A study that asked consumers what they wanted from a website found that over 70% of them preferred websites that were user-friendly and easy to navigate. The easier a website is to navigate, the more likely they were to return to it and recommend it to others. What you want is a layout that’s simple and has easy to spot headings.

It’s also vital that the whole website works properly because the last thing users want is to click on a link only for it to lead to an empty page. To determine is the website navigation is working properly and the coding all in order, it could be worth using software like qTestManager to ensure that the whole site is working as it should do. When it comes to your success, a user-friendly website that works correctly is a must.

3. Poor design

When it comes to the design of a business website, it’s important to take things like the layout, color scheme, and text style seriously. Because believe it or not, these things all impact how successful a website will be. For any business that wants to succeed, it’s vital to understand the impact that a poorly and unprofessional website design can have.

4. Badly written content

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that website content is unimportant because it is actually one of the most important aspects of any website. Why? Because it’s the content, is SEO optimized, that allows the website to rank highly in search engines and be found when Googling.

When it comes to website content, it should be short and snappy, it should flow properly and be written in a professional tone of voice, and it should be properly SEO optimized. There should be no keyword stuffing or overly long blocks of boring text, it should be unique, innovative, and interesting, if you want your business to succeed, that is.

The truth is that for businesses, a website is a crucial tool and one that very few companies could succeed without. The problem is that when it comes to website design, very few entrepreneurs know what it takes to get it right, which ends up impacting their success in a negative way.

Love, M.