Verona photo diary

A major thing happened during first week of May! I went travelling! I did it! My anxiety was G-O-N-E! I am so proud of myself I can’t even tell. It would be such a shame to miss a city so bright and Italian as the romantic Verona! Literally, I could live there without a problem. You will see I am in love with Bella Italia.

What to do in Verona? As a hopeless romantic that watched too many Romeo & Juliet’s plays and movies my first stop would be Juliet’s house. I was impressed. Mouths opened I explored little messages to Juliet and wandered if this goes just the way it did on Letters to Juliet 🙂 Mi ha lasciato senza parole*. Juliet’s house was a property of The Cappelletti. The balcony, where Romeo promised the eternal love to his beloved one is still the same. I nearly cried (being a theatre lover). It’s a monument of love, full of love messages, love locks, gums and letters. Unmarried should touch Juliet’s boobie to receive happiness in love life (of course I did it!:)

I loved the vibe in the city. People are kind, there’s a LOT going on and just those little Italian streets make me fall in love with Italy again and again.

Have you ever been to Verona? Did you like it? 

Love, M.