Make It More Than A Paycheck For Your People

There’s a real problem in a lot of workplaces and jobs in the country. People simply don’t care about the job they’re doing. They’ll do it. They’ll even try. But at the end of the day, the only reason is because it pays the bills. A job doesn’t have to be everything they ever wanted in order to be important, however. Here’s how the employer can help employees care a little bit more.

1. Don’t deal in dead ends

This is perhaps the most important part of retaining employees. If you can’t offer them any kind of progression or upward mobility, then you aren’t investing in them. If you don’t invest in them, they won’t invest in you. Even if you can’t offer a path to progression in the business, you can offer more than work experience.

A training and development plan can help you entice employees with the chance of helping their career prospects. Of course, once you can’t offer them any more development, you should be prepared for the fact they’re going to want to fly the nest. At that point, it’s best to accept it and prepare for their replacement.

2. Build a company identity

It’s not all about them as individuals, either. It’s about the community they’re a greater part of. People like being part of a shared identity and that starts with the business itself. Make them part of the brand. Name badges are a subtle way of doing that, providing a practical purpose but also serving as a reminder that they’re part of that brand now. But that brand has to mean something, too. Defining a shared company culture is going to make it a lot easier to find people who fit that culture.

3. Create real relationships

That company culture will also play a huge role in helping to foster better working relationships. When people share values and goals, their relationships can be based on those common virtues instead of standard workplace cynicism.

You can help new people learn about the culture and build better working relationships as well, by finding more opportunities for team getaways. It’s not easy to create a harmonious workplace and there will always be disagreements. So long as those shared values stay at the root of it, however, there will be many more agreements.

4. Be good

It’s as simple as that. Treat your employees well. Give them a workplace that is bright, friendly, clean, and caters to their environmental needs. Thank them when they do a good job and even reward them from time to time. Talk to them individually and see if they have any ideas on how the business can do better or what they could use to do their job better. Make them want to come into work by making work a better place to be.

When employees care more about the job, they don’t have to try as much. They’ll work smarter, not harder, and they’ll be a lot more likely to stay. Make the job more than a paycheque for your team.

Love, M.

Image credit: Unsplash