Perfecting The Business Side Of Blogging

Blogging is great fun. Us bloggers? We get to put our ideas from pen to paper and share our writing with an audience. The skills we need for blogging are varied. Bloggers need to be creative to come up with ideas and they need to be skilled at writing to get those ideas down and constructed in the written word. Bloggers need to always be on the ball and looking to improve their content creation skills so that they are always impressing their audience and putting the best work out there. There just isn’t any other way.

When you start to take blogging seriously (and that means as more of a business endeavour, but you can still blog seriously by treating your blog well regardless of whether it makes you money or not), you will realize that the pond of skills you required before, now seems much more like an ocean.

A true ‘welcome to the real world’ sensation, in effect. When you want to make money from your blog, effectively you need to transform into a businessperson without losing your blogging personality.

You can certainly learn a lot of sales and business skills through training with companies like Frosch Learning but you also need to put in a lot of work yourself. The business side of blogging is tough and might sap a lot of the fun away from what got you into blogging in the first place. Don’t worry though! If you do want to make more money from your blogging and turn it into a full-time gig, you’re going to have to add business skills to your repertoire. That doesn’t mean that the fun will be sucked out of your blogging though! That only happens if you allow it to happen.

What do you need to do to perfect the business side of blogging? You need to promote your work, you need to be organized and you need to be able to sell without disenfranchising your audience who have given you the opportunity to be able to make money from your blog.

Promoting is easy and should come naturally to any blogger. Creating relevant content and tying it into the current discussion on social media should be what all bloggers do anyway. Running well-curated social media accounts is something, again, that bloggers should do anyway. Organization is a bit tougher. A lot of people get into blogging as a hobby, but for it to be taken seriously, it needs to run like the subway.

Your posts need to be regular and you need to work hard to ensure that your work is on time all of the time. Selling is tough – a lot of bloggers will be contacted with products to advertise, but can’t effectively do this. Try to be as natural as possible and learn how to sell something to your audience without pushing them away or making them feel like a customer base.

If you can treat your blog like a business, you’ll master the business side of blogging with ease.

Love, M.