Millennials: It’s About Getting People To Want To Go To Work

By now, chances are, you’ve heard the term Millennial being thrown around, and you may have seen some Youtube videos that do a good job at describing them. What you may not know is that Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce, and that means you need to cater for them a little bit, or even a lot.

What does that mean?

Well, not too long ago, people got a job as a career and they worked in that career until they could retire. It didn’t really matter what it was or where it was based, they got on and did the job. This isn’t the case anymore. You now need to make your employees want to go to work.

You may be thinking that is preposterous, but it isn’t. We all want to enjoy what we do with our lives, and as an employer, that means you should be more interested in making your company a better place to work.


Your Actual Office Space

No one wants to go and work in a basement office with no windows, damp walls and a fusty smell that reminds them of their late grandparents care home. Trust on that. What people want is the Google effect. We’re not saying you need to incorporate 13 free cafeterias and a ball pit into your office, but you could edge your way in that direction with some new direct office furniture, a lick of paint, a few portable speakers, some houseplants and a few tech upgrades. That’s all it takes to make your office that much more attractive to your employees, and that will go a long way in making them more productive at work.


Celebrate Individual Departments

Most companies now have company-wide parties, and often it is to celebrate the success of the business in some way or another. But what is even more effective than this is to have celebrated and appreciated the work and efforts of individual departments, and this can be achieved with appreciation days. It could be a lunch, it could be activity-based, it could be a day away; whatever it is, send it recognizing each employee’s contribution.

It is such a successful way of making work that much more special, and making people put that much more effort in. Let’s say Trish in marketing has had a phenomenal few weeks. Why not surprise her so that when she walks into work tomorrow her desk has been overtaken by decorations and cakes and presents. Simple.


It’s All A Game

For a few years now the term gamification has been thrown about and its popularity has increased, and all for good reason. By gamifying the success and effort of people’s efforts you create this new level of fun as well as friendly competition, and both of these directly impact a company’s bottom line. It doesn’t even have to be that high-tech.

This could just be a leaderboard that updates with real time as a sale is made, it could be that each employee has their favorite song play for 30-seconds on monitors around the office every time they get a new lead. It could be anything that brings about an element of scoring and points and, well, fun.


Love, M.