Judging A Blog By Its Cover: How To Ensure Your Blog Looks The Part

If you’re a blogger, you can’t underestimate the importance of aesthetics. You could produce the most fabulous content in the world, but if it’s presented on a page that is drab, dated, or so busy that it makes your eyes hurt, you’ll find it hard to make your blog a success. If you’re keen to ensure that your blog looks the part, here are some top tips and tricks.

1.Think of your blog as a shop window

When you’re walking down the high street, what catches your eye? There’s a reason why people spend hours designing window displays and working out what to put where. With a blog, you don’t have a physical space to adorn and decorate, but thinking about your page as a virtual shop window can help you to make your site attractive, appealing, and enticing.

If you’re standing in front of a shelf at the supermarket, a stand up pouch, a glass bottle or a foil bag emblazoned with eye-catching colours, a stylish font, and innovative branding is going to lure you in over generic looking products that don’t capture your imagination.

Think about how you can make things leap out from the virtual shelves and encourage your readers to want to find out more. Use captivating headlines that jump out from the page, and don’t forget to make the most of images, video clips, and design themes.

2. Customise your page

Your blog should be a reflection of you and the categories or subjects you cover. The look of the blog should be relevant to the content, and it should also pay homage to your individual style. If you’re talking about cutting-edge fashion or business, you don’t want vintage floral prints in the background or something that looks twee or quaint. You want something sophisticated, professional and smart.

3. Less is more

As a reader, there’s nothing more off-putting than being confronted with a page that is packed to the rafters with content, headings, and adverts. Try and keep things simple with the layout, and make it easy for readers to access articles that take their fancy. Use a category list or tags to enable them to navigate their way to content that appeals to their interests.

Avoid large passages of text, and break up paragraphs with images, infographics, and videos. In some cases, people will spot a long paragraph and give up without even taking a second to see what the post is about. With blogging, it’s all about responding to what people want quickly, and most users don’t have the time or the inclination to read essay-length pieces.

If you’re serious about blogging, the key to success doesn’t lie solely in generating interesting and original content. It’s also essential that your blog looks the part. Take care when choosing a theme, and make sure you present your posts in a way that appeals to Internet users. Match the theme and style to the content, and make use of high-quality images, photographs, and video snippets. Avoid anything that looks too busy, and add a personal touch. 

Tell me, how are you taking care for the look of your blog? 

Love, M.