Are You Marketing Your Blog As Creatively As You Could Be?

We all know just how important it is to get readers to your blog. Indeed, that is the name of the game. While you’re a blogger first and foremost, your second job description is very much ‘marketer’. If you post a blog and then aren’t making sure that people know about it, you’ve only done half your job.

Yet while most people know that they should be posting the link on Facebook, few people are going beyond and looking at more creative ways to market their writing. If that’s you, here are a few tips to help you change that.

1.On the Streets

Yes, that’s right: the streets. Your blog exists exclusively on the web, but it’s also read exclusively by real people – and where can you find real people? On the streets! The internet blogging market is saturating and it’s hard to get the word out. Take it out into the real world and get talking to people.

Hand out badges and stickers and ask people to subscribe. It might sound a bit crazy, but the best ideas usually do. If you’re going to do this, it’s best to make sure your blog is properly up and running and you’re targeting the areas where your demographic of readers usually walk by!

2. Mixing it Up

Your talent will be writing, but as we said before: you’re not just a writer, you’re also a marketer. And as such, it pays to be aware of what’s happening in the marketing world, including what people online are responding to.

While the bulk of your website will remain blog posts, there’s nothing wrong with mixing up the content every now and again. Include pictures, infographics, and in particular videos. Videos are big draws online now and they’re only going to get bigger in years to come!

3. Straight to the Source

You can put the link to your blog all over the web if you like, but ultimately you’ll be waiting for people to come and find you. Instead, why not go out there and actively target potential readers yourself? Email marketing has shown be an immensely effective way to market, with high engaging and click throughs.

Use a company like America Int and you’ll be able to send your blog to a targeted bulk email list and track your email campaigns success, which will serve you well moving forward. Once they’re at your website, encourage them to sign up for all your newsletters and slowly build your audience.

4. Look Further
People tend to focus on the big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to promoting their blog. But there are many, many other places for you to post the link. If it’s at all business related, go to LinkedIn. If it’s advice on how to do something, publish it on Pinterest. Tumblr and other sites that have lower subscribers but ones with high engagement will also serve you well. Ultimately it’s all about getting the word to as many online spaces as possible.