How Do You Protect Your Blog Against Content Theft?

As bloggers, the product we make is essentially our content. We write blog posts, put affiliate links in them or advertisements on our blogs and that’s how we make money. Since the product we make can be copied with few simple keyboard strokes, it’s important that we find ways to protect our content against thieves. All they need to do is copy all of the images and text from your blog and slap it onto their own, so how exactly can you prevent this and what actions can you take to seek justice?

Whether blogging is your job or just a simple pastime, here are a couple of ways to help you protect your content from thieves.

1.Structure your blog like a brand

It’s important that you treat your blog like a business, especially if it’s making you money. With the help of a company like Ten Intelligence, you’ll be able to protect not just the content on your blog, but also your blog in general. Any time someone creates similar content or seeks to steal your images, a brand protection service will give you all the advice you need to overcome a bad period and ensure you get the right compensation. Make examples out of would-be thieves that want to rob your product and deter anyone who dares to copy your content.

2. Learn about copyright

It’s also important that you take a week or two to study copyright laws and how they work to protect you. There’s a lot of confusion about copyright, what it means and how it can help your brand, so take the time to study hard about this subject that you probably know very little about, and make sure you’re securing your content with copyright notices and other protection methods that will help you track down offenders that duplicate your content.

3. Respect other bloggers and don’t be tight about your content

Sometimes you need to loosen the rules a bit when it comes to reusing your content. There’s a very blurry line between blatant copying and fair use, so make sure you establish the rules beforehand and let other bloggers know how they can use your content.

Linking to your blog or taking quotes from your articles are usually fine as long as credit is given. After all, you’re probably going to encounter a future situation in which you want to use another blogger’s findings or work, so treat others how you expect them to treat you.

4. Don’t wait to challenge content theft

If you want to protect your brand, then you need to constantly challenge everyone who attempts to steal your content. Your content is unique to you and you’ve put a lot of time in creating it, so don’t let others steal it without suffering consequences.

Make sure you contact any relevant services and make sure you aren’t letting them get away with it. Hunt those offenders down, send cease and desist letters, and leave no survivors. With a trail of dead blogs in your wake, you’ll find that copycat bloggers will avoid you like the plague and thus, secure your blog.

How do you protect your blog?

Love, M.