Could Blogging Be The Job For You?

Since its inception in 1990, the Internet has completely changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Friendships are made and lost now without the two parties every meeting. It has been an outpost for people to get noticed for their creative endeavours. This has changed the way we date, travel, get news, and it has even been said to have had a hand in bringing down entire governments. It has also allowed for many new types of businesses to flourish, including blogging.

It may be that you write your own blog. You may have started out because it was a fun thing to do. Just sort of like an online diary that anyone could read. Anonymous blogs are especially interesting. If you’ve been successful though and you now have a dedicated group of readers, you may be wondering how you could potentially monetise what you have. The internet is a vast thing and with over 3 billion people now using it, the opportunities to make a living are practically endless. Here a few ideas to consider before giving up your day job:


As great as technology can be, it can also be unreliable too. If you do decide to try and carve out a working week on your laptop, you may find yourself interrupted if your connection fails. This is not nearly as great a risk in others jobs. Builders will seldom find arriving at the site that their tools have vanished and their building has gone too.

However, working online can be capricious. If there is a long-term problem, it could seriously affect your capacity to support yourself. It would be wise to invest in a backup internet modem with a different company to your main broadband provider. If both fail, then hope that one of your friends is online at their place and ask them for help.

The internet can be a fun place to spend time (it is not called surfing for no reason after all). But if you intend to view it as a business opportunity, your attitude has to be similarly altered. You need to become professional. Running your website will become your full-time job and you need to spend full-time hours working on it. Luckily, you can get help doing this. An ecommerce agency will help you organise and optimise your online presence and enable you to be as thorough as you need to be to succeed.

Just as living in the real world brings with it some dangers, the virtual world is no different. With your livelihood on the line, you should be certain that you are not going to fall for any of the tricks that are out there online. Cybersecurity software is a good place to start, but changing the way you interact with the internet is sensible too.

For instance, you should regularly change your passwords and never use ones that borrow from some aspect of your life. As cute as your first pet may have been, the risk presented by continuing to secretly memorialise them is too great to bear.

Love, M.