Blogging: What’s Missing From Your Blog?

These days, it seems that everyone’s trying to make it as a blogger, and every other kind of entrepreneur has blogging at the front of their minds. While setting yourself up and starting to publish posts is now easier than ever, actually assuring your success is a whole different matter. Like many bloggers, there may be a few things missing that are holding your blog back…


1.A Little Repetition

A lot of bloggers these days tend to miss out on great branding opportunities. A lot of this is down to repetition and patterns. Try setting one day a week in the calendar for writing about one niche topic or format. For example, Refresher Wednesdays could be for throwbacks to topics you’ve already covered, and any new information relating to them.

Lesson Fridays could be for an anecdote of some past experience you’ve had relating to your niche, and what you learned from the whole thing. By and large, people who read blogs like to see some consistency, and have posts that they can look forward to. Find some narrower topic that you’re especially passionate about, or that you know your readers will respond well to, and make this a routine.

2. A High Standard of Web Design

As bloggers, we’re creatives, not tech wizards. However, if you really want to make your readers love you, you need to pay some attention to the design of your site, and how this is impacting your readership. The standards of web design are higher than ever these days, and if you’re not trying to keep up, it can chase away a lot of potential followers.

A well-thought-out user centred design will turn more idle browsers into subscribers, make your personal brand much stronger, and ensure that you can reach out to people who read blogs on their smartphones and tablets. Take some time to look at your closest competitors’ blogs, pick out any patterns in the design that you’re noticing, and compare your own site against them. You may have a lot of catching up to do!

3. Insightful Interviews

You may be a phenomenal writer, but even your biggest fans will eventually grow tired of reading one tone of voice every day. One simple way of changing things up is inviting another voice into your work, and the outside point of view that comes with it. Consider finding a relevant source or an expert on a certain subject to interview for your blog.

It doesn’t have to be anyone with impressive credentials, as long as you think their perspective on the topic will be interesting to your readers. Aside from refreshing your audience with a new point of view, the back-and-forth style of interview posts can encourage more people to comment or share, and interact with your other content.

As always, you should be keeping your readership in mind as you go about organising this interview. Try and find an interviewee who will be willing to stick around and reply to a few comments and questions later on.

Do you think your blog needs some upgrade?

Love, M.