Blogging: Is Anyone Reading Your Blog?

It’s a valid question you should ask of your blog from time to time. Of course, a quick peek at analytics is going to give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. But the important part of the answer is another question. Why?

Giving some context to the success or lack thereof of the blog gives you guidelines to ensure you’re not making the same mistakes and that you’re actually nailing the formula to increasing your audience.

1. What value does it offer?

It should be the first question you ask when you start planning and researching for a new piece of content. Even if you’re just offering an opinion on some news in your field of interest, you need to figure out what kind of unique value it offers to the audience. Informative articles are good, especially if you can be amongst the first to get the information out there.

If you want to make a career out of blogging, then you’re going to have to learn that the user always comes first. Yes, it’s important to have some passion for what you’re writing, but at the end of the day, blogging is communicating. Communicating has to have value to everyone involved.

2. Will they find it?

Some people write content that never gets discovered simply because they don’t know how to market it. Online, there are plenty of tricks of the trade to use to make your blog a lot more visible. Services like, for instance, employ a combination of pay-per-click and search engine optimization to establish some dominance over your area of a search engine.

For instance, if you’re providing makeup tips or reviews, when someone searches for terms related to a review for a lipstick you’ve done, the search engine will give you some prominence when it returns results. It might take an investment of time and money but if your content simply isn’t getting seen, it may be necessary.

2.Is it share-worthy?

People go on the internet for a lot of reasons. They want to research, they want to be entertained, they want to say something and it’s all getting more social. Besides having experiences, they share them. Making sure that your content and your blog is fit for sharing is vital to capitalise on that aspect of internet usage.

Build a community of your own, as suggests by posting content that invites feedback, by replying to comments and by building a network with other bloggers. On the site itself, you should ensure that social media buttons are integrated so people can easily share content from the site, too.

For a blog to succeed, people need to be reading, there are no two ways about it. Sometimes that means focusing a little less on the content itself and more on how you get it out there.

The content will always be at the heart of it, so don’t feel like you have to give up blogging to make blogging successful. You just have to make room for some new habits.

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  • Erin Moody

    Thanks for writing this! Good tips and ones I plan to think about with my blog. I have never heard of candidsky but will have to check them out!

  • Mar

    A question I often ask myself too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ophalyn Lee

    This is great post:) 😊 thank you

  • Great questions to ask yourself when you’re writing new blog posts! I especially think the “does it add value?” question is one of the most important ones. You’re not only writing writing for yourself, but making sure that posts resonate with readers as well.

  • Omg this really helps make light of somethings. ty for sharing

  • Robert Stukowski

    Marketing and share ability are my downfalls. Keeping up with my niche can get expensive and I rarely have enough cash. Still, these are great tips.