Bright teeth: Three Steps To A Hollywood Smile

Smile and read on 🙂 When we think about our beauty routine, most of us will consider the time we spend in front of the mirror in the morning, meticulously preening our eyebrows and getting that flawless finish with our favorite foundation. However, one integral part of your beauty routine that you’ve been doing for years (without even realizing it!) is your dental hygiene routine. 

Most people brush their teeth twice a day, with some of us bumping it up to a third time should our schedule allow it. As well as all being a part of good hygiene, the way we treat our teeth can have a direct impact on how they look as well. Everyone wants a dazzling, Hollywood smile – and although you can’t choose the teeth you are born with, you can take steps to ensure that you always feel confident with your smile.

  1. Straight teeth

If you were born with straight teeth, then you’re one of the lucky ones! But a slightly crooked smile is something we’re more than used to. This is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Your natural dental layout is part of what makes you YOU, and adds character as well. But, if your teeth are exceptionally crooked to the point that they are painful or they affect your self-confidence, you might want to consider doing something about it. The concept that braces reserved purely for teenagers is a lie – anyone of any age can have braces. If you are self-conscious about them, however, you can also get invisible braces so that no one (apart from you) will know.

2. White teeth

While the color of your teeth can, to a certain extent, just be down to your genes, having excessively yellow ones can easily make a person feel a little self-conscious. The media constantly exposes us to images of celebrities with impossibly white teeth, which with all due respect, are usually the result of multiple appointments with a cosmetic surgeon. However, there is actually a way to get similar results at home, without the involvement of a cosmetic dentist. Read the best teeth whitening strips reviews to get a clear idea of some of the easy ways you can whiten your teeth at home. Now flash those pearly whites!

3. Non-damaged teeth

Our teeth, like every other part of our bodies, are prone to a little wear and tear every now and again. It could be something serious like falling and hitting your face on a hard surface, or it could be something as every day as biting into an apple and accidentally chipping your tooth. In these cases, prevention is always better than a cure, and you can ensure your teeth are strong and healthy by cleaning them well and by upping your calcium intake. But if you do end up with a damaged or chipped tooth, always see a medical professional as soon as possible. The sooner you can get it fixed, the less self-conscious you will be.

Are you taking care of your oral hygiene? Have you ever considered teeth whitening? I am planning a review of Rapid White Tooth whitening system. Curious? Stay tuned.

Love, M.