Blogging: A Real Career Option?

It’s been estimated there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet these days. As you can imagine, there’s quite a lot of content out there covering a broad range of different topics. Many bloggers have made a career out of what they love doing: writing content on their blogs!

If you’re stuck for career ideas or ways to make money, you may not have thought about blogging as being one of them. After all; running a blog is something people do in their spare time, right? Also, you’ll find blogs written by companies, but they are part of their existing websites.


So, just how can you make a career out of being a blogging superstar? Well, it turns out there are quite a few different options open to you. Check them out below:

1. Social media manager

Perhaps the easiest route into getting paid to do blogging on a regular basis is by looking for a social media manager job. As the name suggests, you have to take care of a variety of social network profiles for your employer. But, a significant part of your job involves coming up with blog post concepts, writing the content, and marketing it on social media.

It’s unusual to find jobs where you just solely write blog posts for one particular website. It’s usually part of a list of duties that cover some form of Internet marketing or copywriting.

2. Entrepreneur – affiliate marketing

Although not strictly a job in the traditional sense, you could go down the self-employed route and get into affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, the way that works is simple: you set up and manage a series of blogs and monetize them.

So what makes affiliate marketers successful isn’t down to the blog niche or even the product/service placements on the site. It’s about curating content that people actually want to read and share with their friends!

Some marketers turn affiliate marketing into a fully-fledged business complete with an office full of copywriting staff. So as you can imagine, blogging on such an industrial scale brings with it the usual business challenges. Talking about taxes, paying for rent, IT support, insurance, and so forth.

Regardless of whether you’re a sole trader or run a blogging empire, it IS possible to give blogging an entrepreneurial twist and pay for your monthly commitments!

3. Copywriter

So if you love to blog but you don’t want to work for yourself, consider copywriting. The job of a copywriter is to create text content that gets used in a variety of formats such as press releases, newspaper ads, and, of course, blogs.

In fact, many marketing companies offer blog writing services to companies. Working for such a firm means you could specialize in writing content for subjects you enjoy or have a lot of knowledge of.

Some of the larger copywriting service providers often have departments hiring writers to manage their client’s blogs on an ongoing basis.

That is: blogging IS a real career option. The path you lead will depend on what you wish to do and how to do it!

Are you getting payed for blogging? Have you ever considered blogging to be your career? Let me know down in the comments.

Love, M.