How to blog on a budget: Money friendly version

When it comes to blog expenses and budget we all have something in common: spend as few money as possible. But in a good layout, a good theme (also mobile friendly), a good camera and a great design is something I love investing in – and you should too. That’s how your blog is going to look modern and serious. That way more collaboration will be going on soon.

But nevertheless, blog photos need props. Camera needs equipment. If you don’t have connections or you don’t work with brands, you need to buy stuff to review. So how can you blog and spend less? Lets see.



1. Work with what you have. Put together some pretty books and jewelry, a phone with your blog on and here you have a beautiful flatlay. With some great lightning and and some inspiration you will save money that you would be spending on monthly picture subscription pages otherwise.

2. Blog props can be sooo cheap. Check out some dollar stores (we have stores like Jysk or Tedi in Slovenia) or explore Ebay. There is everything you need for a cool blog: artificial flowers, beautiful rose gold details, sparkles or marble accessories.

3. Keep a list of expenses. Excell is your friend. Write down every penny you spend for your blog, save receipts and make a summary at the end of the months. Also, set aside some money for your blog every month.

I always say: Blogging is firstly a hobby (later maybe a job). Photography is a hobby too. Exactly like photography needs camera, lenses, equipment, blogging needs a hosted site, great design, props etc. That’s why we need to invest in it.

4. Make a wish list every month when you make your expense summary. Whatever you wish for your blog, write it down. Slowly you will have it all.

5. But on discounts. Yes, makeup is expensive. Travelling is expensive. Why not wait for discounts and buy then? You can make saving cards in some stores (in Slovenia DM, Takko, Tuš drogerija for example) and this way collect points that you spend on your next purchase. Great!

I hope this post helped you a bit. Just don’t give up. 

Love, M.