Body care with CD: ready for spring

Winter can be exhausting for our skin. Low temperatures, wind and cold air are only some of the factors why our skin can be more dry during winter. To get ready for spring (which excites me so much!) we must begin taking care of our body in the winter. Which products can help me? CD, of course.


Now I must confess I’m having some troubles with fragrances last year. Not a single scent was pleasant for me. Same goes for deodorants. I am well aware I’m using just natural deodorants without aluminum and parabens at least. CD’s deodorant are more than that, they are also free from mineral oils, silicones, dyes and ingredients from animal origins. The thing is, CD are the only deodorants with a smell so light I can wear them and my favourite perfume on the top.

Roll ons are my favourite. They give me a really fresh and clean feeling on my skin. Firstly I tried waterlily. It’s so fresh and flowery. This scent may be better during winter. Pomegranate is fruity but not sweet at all. Pomegranate pump spray is one of the best things I’ve tried so far.

Also, CD’s deodorants are suitable for sensitive skin. The thing that surprises me the most is that the scent isn’t so “classically” strong, so it doesn’t cover your fragrance. The only thing I must say is that for me, they aren’t as long lasting as I would prefer, but we must have in mind all the great natural ingredients. I give them a solid 4+/5. You can find CD’s products on their page here, click. The prices vary around 3EUR.

Ever tried any of those? How did you like them?

Love, M.

* Some of the products used in the posts may have been sent to me  for review.