Oily skin care routine with Dr. Hauschka

Our skin protects us against external influences and balances temperature fluctuations. How to know if you have blemished or oily skin? You probably have large pores and your skin quickly becomes oily and blemished.

Dr.Hauschka products can help renewing the skin and support it to be in balance with its own natural processes. They combine natural essential oils and medicinal plant essences to create amazing natural products for our skin care routine.

A skin care concept as rhythmic as life itself

The tasks of our skin are different through the day and night. The unique skin care concept of Dr.Hauschka respects and supports the day and night skin rhythm. In the small Clarifying face care kit Dr. Hauschka combines three stages of good skin care: cleansing, toning and moisturising. During the day our skin needs protection and care that can be done using cleanser and toner. In this box that’s perfect for travellers you can find: cleansing cream, clarifying toner, clarifying day oil, day cream, clarifying steam bath and revitalising mask.

First of all, Cleansing cream should be used in the morning and in the evening with warm water, apply and rinse. The texture is thick, like a paste that’s why it isn’t my favourite. I like gel textures better when it comes to face cleaning. Anyway, the scent the cream has is wonderful and it works as a gentle scrub, so that’s definitely a plus. And it’s only 14 EUR here, click.

After cleanse I’m using Clarifying toner, which is my top Dr.Hauschka product. It’s pricy – around 24 EUR. Smells ah-mazing, it balances the sebum and soothes redness that I do have on my cheeks. I’m using it all the time when I’m at home, I wash my face and spray it like a mist. I recommend it, you need this product on your face asap.

I’ve never been a huge fan of face oils, probably because I didn’t know some of them can be used on oily skin as well. Dr. Hauschka Clarifying day oil is perfect for my oily skin. I love it because it absorbs fast and balances my sebum around cheeks and forehead. It contains apricot kernel, almond oil, wheat germ oils, anthyllis and carrot extracts. Imagine the scent. Oh, yeah. 10/10. I will probably but another one when finishing this small package.

Melissa day cream is this great scented and light textured cream for everyday use. It smells like a fresh bowl of lemon balm that you just picked up from your garden. I do have melissa in my garden and I just love this feeling, it brings me back to summer. What I love about this cream is that it controls shine on your face, reduces redness, calms oily areas BUT hydrates dry patches. I think I will buy a full size of this one.

I also got two face masks: Revitalising mask and Clarifying clay mask. Masks are my latest obsession. I love them! I’ve used a 10g of clay mask two times a week. Again, I love the scent of it when applying. Seems like it really helped me with my large universal pores. Revitalising mask on the other hand offers soothing care and deep skin renewal. What’s odd is that this mask must be applied AFTER using toner. I never really do that, I just clean my face and apply the mask.

Why I love Dr.Hauschka cosmetics?

Because of their knowledge of skincare. They respect your skin and search beauty in rhythm and balance. It’s natural and organic cosmetic brand. Their products contain high quality oils and waxes and naturally sourced ingredients. Also, no chemical or synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives can be found in their products. Therefore respecting the holistic care. is a must for them. And those are just a few reasons why I’m sticking with their products.

Have you ever tried Dr. Hauschka? How did you like their products?

Love, M.