That’s how you can have a long lasting manicure with NAILSINC

Exploring the Sephora sales I found a Christmas package from NAILSINC. It was a cute house with one full size base coat and some very fancy pastel nail polishes. Cherry on top – small size top coat. I got this for 6$ (the full price was 33$), so it was really a bargain.

Now I can truly tell I’m kind of obsessed with nail polishes, but I haven’t found better then Essie ones. My mani with Essie nail polishes lasts around 4 days if I’m not doing anything around the house. But I also love to change colours of my nails pretty much every other day if I have time. What I discovered is this magic trick: NAILS INC base coat, 2 coats of Essie nail polish and one coat of NAILSINC top coat. This mani lasts for around 8-9 days. If I’m using NAILSINC nail polish a manicure can last for around 12 days. It’s a miracle!

I love this base coat. Here you can have it with a top coat like mine, click. My nails are so much stronger since I’m using it, they don’t break or cause me troubles with holes on my tights 🙂 The next picture shows you my manicure using NAILSINC base coat, Essie nail polish and NAILSINC top coat after 7 days.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Have you ever tried NailsInc nail polishes before? Let me know what you think.

Love, M.