Living with anxiety: coping with worry and sensitivity

Another mental health related post is here! I just love writing about my feeling and how to deal with everything going on in my life. You know I suffer from severe anxiety over two year and it isn’t getting any better. I wanted to let you know how we, anxious and sensitive people feel and deal with it.

Dealing with anxiety seems like just breathing a bit and taking a walk until it goes away but I can tell you, it’s one hell of a worry. Living with anxiety means you can’t really go out of the house feeling relaxed and happy. I rarely smile. Only a few people in this world make me relaxed when I’m with them. Leaving my house for a sleepover is a nightmare full of thought and “what if’s”.

The other day I was in a gym de-stressing a bit when it hit me. I had a huge anxiety attack after just 30 minutes of workout. I felt my chest is closing up, I couldn’t breathe properly and I got sick within minutes. I ran and closed myself into the toilet for a half an hour before I could grab my stuff in ran away from there.

Worrying about everything is just a part of our day. Worrying about what are you going to eat so you won’t be sick, about how much you can do around the house so you won’t puke and how to argue without not feeling exhausted and sick after it is just an everyday struggle. I can’t recall when I last had a peaceful mind.

Crying for almost everything and every time for us is just like you smiling at someone in the store or having fun at work. This is our work. Worry, pain, suffering. My stomach is upset almost all of the time, I even take medications for it, but because my brain is working 24/7, medications rarely help.

Deal with it, they say.

Like it was that easy. I read tons of books, going to therapy and taking my meds and I’m still not feeling my best. It isn’t easy. Probably the major step is to accept that you are living with anxiety, it’s a part of you. And also the major part is that everyone around you accepts the “new” you, because well, you are not the same anymore. Buy some mindfulness books, try adult colouring (didn’t work for me), open a blog or write a diary.

It’s a disease. You will get better, eventually. Until than, people need to be supportive, not judging you for not being present at events and drinks with them. Take all the time you need. It’s bad, it gets worse, but if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Let me know down in the comment how are you dealing with anxiety, worry and sensibility. Would love to chat with you.

Love, M.