Best beauty bits of 2016: Makeup edition

2016 surprised me with some more high end beauty bits. It was the year I decided I won’t compulsively buy makeup anymore and follow the rule less and better. My top skincare products of 2016 post is here, click. Today it’ll be all about makeup. Have I followed my rules?


NARS Pure radiant tinted moisturiser Finland is this very light base that I use everyday as a foundation. It covers my redness and some good old pimples leaving my skin hydrated and light. I don’t feel like wearing anything. I got it on Sephora sales for around 20 EUR, so maybe this is the perfect time to get one yourself. Highly recommend.

L’Oreal true match foundation in shade 2C is my top product this winter. It lasts forever and you only need two pumps for your face and neck. My skin looks like porcelain. Even if it’s a foundation, it’s very light and the coverage is the best. And it’s not pricy at all.

In 2016 I got the chance to explore Bell hypoallergenic brand. My blogging friends are hyping over their products and I needed to see if that’s worth it. I can tell you I went out that store will a bag full of products and I’M NOT SORRY! Products that I adore are mostly Anti redness makeup primer that I wear on my cheeks and on my nose because that’s where I get my redness when cold and round Skin camouflage concealer. I also tried their liquid concealer and it does miracles.

Also AVON pampered me this year with their true colour CC pearls. You know how obsessed I am with pearls. Feels so luxurious applying it 🙂 Again great for my red cheeks.


I got stuck in love with neutral palettes last year and I’m keeping this in 2017 as well. I got L’Oreal’s La palette nude as a gift. The pigmentation isn’t the best, but for everyday look it suits me perfectly.
Casual look gives me also Misslyn Shades of Nude Palette. Here’s the whole review, click. The shades are soft and creamy with little sparkles on some.
The winner in eyes section is my Sleek Storm 578 palette that I’ve been obsessed with. I was just checking other palettes and well, I need a couple more in 2017! The shadows are soft and glittery – perfect because I’m wearing glasses and sometimes need more exclusive makeup.

Here are my top 4 mascaras. If I could live with just one makeup product, it’ll be mascara. I found my babies and I’m not changing them anytime soon. Silicone mascaras make my eyes hurt so I’m not a fan of those. I’ve been babbling about Too faced Better than sex mascara over and over last year. It’s something I’ve never tried and seen before. My eyelashes look like from salon, black, big, wide.
After that I got this luck to try L’Oreal Miss hippie mascara and it’s just perfect. I love L’Oreal’s mascaras that aren’t silicone, I think they are such a great brand knowing what mascara should do. Miss hippie is now mine for a second time and I love it.
While buying everything from Bell hypoallergenic like I told you before, I of course wanted to check out their mascara as well. It’s cute, small and it thickens my lashes and separates them perfectly. Because my eyes hurt sometimes from using different products, Bell hypoallergenic is made for that. It’s like taking such a good care of your lashes 🙂
For Christmas I pampered myself with some high end mascara. Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes is everything it’s name says. It gives me volume, separates lashes beautifully and just looks and feels perfect wearing it. Worth the money, try it!


I consider myself as a small lil lipstick hoader. However, I’ve been good last year with decluttering and pampering myself with some new high end buddies. I got L’Oreal Color Riche Obsession Lipstick in shade Nude Gold for Christmas. Love it. It nourishes my lips and gives them a perfect nude-goldy colour that lasts forever.

As one of my idols Tanya Burr filled her advent calendar with so many beauty bits. I love her lipstick Berry Pavlova. It smells like…Berry Pavlova and it’s perfect for holidays. In winter, especially in December I wear red lipstick a lot. It doesn’t last long though, probably because I eat it so quickly 🙂

Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution in shade Very Victoria was a gift from me to me this Christmas. I know it costs a lot, but it’s worth every penny. You can never have enough mattes at home. This is truly a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips. The shade is nude, but it’s elegant and you can wear it for parties as well.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil in stick in shade 45 – Rouge Tuxedo was also a gift for Christmas. While I suffered from dry lips, this oil in stick saved my life. It’s made with 60% oils that hydrates my lips and at the same time gives them a pop of colour. And it’s mango scented, beat that.

I could talk about those beauty bits forever, but I really need to stop it here. Tell me your favourites from last year? Any good products worth trying? Let me a comment below.

Love, M.