The Year of 2016: Top Posts on Dora Ward

Happy New Year my lovely readers! I wish you all the best for the future. Hopefully the year of 2017 will be the best year ever! Now I know how jumping in the new year makes us all motivated and with all our resolutions etc., I wanted to get you through some of my favourite and most read posts from 2016 before we can get started with 2017.

In January last year I wrote about how I quit sugar for some time and how that all went through. It was a massive change in my life and definitely worth trying. I am proud of myself I didn’t quit that.

In March I got the chance to work with Lierac skincare brand. I am so in love with those products, they suit my skin perfectly. I’m so happy brands like that offer me chances to share my love with their products with you.

In April I started to work with L’Occitane En Provence. I learned so much about their products, about sales and I even made some new friends there. Definitely a good month.

I remember that day in May when I went to the post office because I got something and I didn’t know what is it – and I got a collaboration with ARTDECO! This was huge. Finally a big brand like Artdeco noticed my work. I work with them more and more and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful.

In June I worked with Metroshop and this post about hair removal exploded my pageviews 🙂

Also, June was a big, big, big month for me. It was the first time I went to a weekend escape with my anxiety. Successfully. Yay!

Another big collaboration in July was with Makeup Factory. It was huge. I am so grateful for that. In the same month I talked about how being a size 12 affects my life.

In September I made a huge change in my blogging. I closed my Loving from Berlin blog and relaunched it with a new name Dora Ward and new design.

I worked with Misslyn cosmetics in October. Another great brand that saw my work and got me a chance to work with them.

In December I did Blogmas as every year and reflected my 2016.

This must be again a great opportunity to say thank you for your support my dear readers and brands. Words cannot describe how grateful I am and lucky to work with you, brands, and for you – my readers. I am sure this New Year will offer me a lot more opportunities in blogging world as well as new friendships that come with my blogging life.

Have a great one.

Love, M.