[:en]Blogmas: Life & Blog Update[:]


Oh my dear readers, it’s been rough these days. Two days ago I was just going to check my blog in the morning when my friend rang and told me my blog wasn’t working. I thought what the hell? Later that day I found out my blog’s account has been hacked!

I never thought this could be possible. Sad but at the same time angry at myself because I haven’t been backing up and some posts could be lost for ever, I took one last shot and wrote to my support services. Then all I had to do was wait.

Two days went by and I felt very sad without my blog live. Everyday I spend a lot of time just browsing around, checking if everything is perfect, and now…nothing. Silence. I am sorry for delay in my Blogmas section, but now I’m back. I received an email and I got my account back – now very safe of course! It really was a good lesson for me and now I know better. And I love my blog even more from this scene on.

Today it was a bit more stressful for me, I was nervous but nevertheless I did some shopping for myself that made me really happy. I got 20% off in Sephora so you know how that turned out. Also I bought some cute little stuff for Secret Santa, yay! From tomorrow on I’m doing my Blogmas daily.

Did you miss me?

Love, M.