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[:en]Already the fourth day of Blogmas? Oh god, time flies by so quickly. I prepared some blog posts today, but didn’t took any photos because the weather here is so boring and the lighting is really bad. Anyways, it’s St. Nicholas after two days and all my gifts except for one are ready. I have this urge to open my presents maybe a day before. I’ve been obsessing over finding the right gifts for my loved ones and of course I had a budget while doing that. So I thought, how to take care for your finances over Christmas time?


  1. Plan everything. In my Feel wonderful planner I have a section for all my gifts. I need to write down everything I plan to buy for every one of my people. Keeping track on things I need to buy, in which store and for how much money of course keeps me organised and doesn’t allow me spending more that planned.
  2. When we decide to have dinner together with friends or even family in the last years, we make sure everyone bakes or brings something. That way we all reduce costs because we don’t need to buy everything and cook/bake all at once.
  3. Set aside some money for vacation. If you would like to go see some Christmas markets you will need some money.
  4. Gift wrapping can be so easy and cheap!! You can use paper, wire, some decoration that can be found in nature and you’re set. And it looks damn good!
  5. If you have a very strict budget you can make some stocking fillers at home in the kitchen. Yes, bath bombs, soap bars, etc.
  6. Also make some holiday cards at home. It’s fun and brings the family closer together.

Are you following any rules when it comes to budget balancing?

Love, M.

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