[:en]Slow Lifestyle: Happy mind, happy life[:]

[:en]I came across a topic of Slow lifestyle the other day. I must say I needed a better research on how to live more intentionally. Slow lifestyle is living simple, minimalistic, slow, a total alternative to our speed obsession. It encourages the idea to life good and slower in a world full of manic, hype and speed, not rushing things that need time to grow.

Considering this, should living slowly be a mantra for us?

I looked at my life, now that I’m ill this week. I’ve been running around all of my life, work, uni, exams, theatre, driving lessons, yoga (that calmed me for that hour), running back home, eating without thinking about what’s really on my plate, studying and all nighters (yes, psychology can be though), etc. Is this the life I really want? If you would enter my app right now it’s like a 2-year old chased and wandered around my space for a month!!! I mean: laundry here, a bag there, some food in the fridge ready to fly in the garbage, a tea in making to sip it while cleaning floor. Oh my god, it doesn’t even feel good writing it.



The first thing that comes into my mind when thinking about slow lifestyle is having a good laugh in the evening with my friend at my place. She usually comes once a week and we just chit-chat bout our week, our assignments, what we must do next week (together of course) and it just relaxes me 100%.

The next thing is going grocery shopping by purpose. I try to motivate myself with a little Pinterest before going shopping. Finding fresh fruit and veggies and making myself dinner after a long day/week is something I love. Considering this, I must now only fix the thing called hurry eating like someone will rob me my dinner.

What I would really like is to invest an amount of my money (that I earn for myself of course but never think about it that way) on myself. And if that means mani and pedi every month, why not? I’m planning a teeth whitening and some massage this month. Just to relax my nerves. Also I love how Mimi Ikonn knows how to live gloriously and slowly all the time. Check out her videos, really worth your time.

I’m including her into my morning ritual – if you would like a blog post about it, let me know down in the comments. So what’s your lifestyle? Do you live slowly?


Love, M.