Misslyn: Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my wonderful readers! I knew my first few weeks of new year in college would be difficult, but not as much as this. I must say, working and studying psychology is h.a.r.d. Because of work I am missing a few of very interesting lectures. I’m thinking of reducing my working hours to be more present in uni. I finally got a evening to myself and you know how I love to spend time well – this time with you guys. I’m sipping my cup of tea and introducing you some fresh goodies I got from Misslyn cosmetics: Must have Eyeshadow Palette in three versions.

Misslyn must have eyeshadow palettes are available in three versions: Rose, Nude and Smoke. In every palette there are ten different shades, some of them are matte, some of them more glittery. This is what I love about them – all in one! I must say, the pigmentation is not really what I expected, the eyeshadows are very, very soft. To keep the palette “unbroken” I must spray it with ethanol (you can see in some pictures how soft the eyeshadows are, and I only swatched them.



Shades of Rose is my favourite palette so far. Matte shades are good pigmented and there are loads of glittery ones, which I like best because I wear glasses all the time and my makeup must be a bit bolder and stronger. The last two shades are almost the same so I would love to see another glittery one replace the dark one.



Shades of nude is probably the best palette for autumn, I love it. Again, I like to have more glitter shades but those here are good quality and pigmentation so I love them anyway. With this palette I’m creating everyday looks when going to uni or work in the morning.


I can’t find a good fit with the Shades of Smoke palette. It is too basic, but nevertheless has very good pigmentation. I’m more into nude and rose tones anyway. Here I would probably use only brighter shades. I find those soft grey and glittery purple shades the best ones.



Have you tried any of those palettes? Tell me down in the comments what do you think?

Love, M.

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