If ‘Knot Now’ When? Why a 20-Something Should Say “I Do”

You are with your man for a few years now. Everything is going great, you live together (or planning to), you both study and/or work at the same time and life’s nothing but a fairytale. You always wanted to have a great wedding, you know exactly which details you need on you big day and your Vera Wang dress is ready for you to pick it up. So when THE TIME comes, why hesitate when it comes to marriage?


Bracelet by Kate Spade

You are 20-something. It is now the best time to get married. You would say: I cannot immagine living my whole life with the same person. Well, why not? You love each-other, obviously. So don’t you want to travel the world with that handsome and in those safe hands, exploring new things, maybe get into business together? I do.

It is now the best time for marriage and have the wedding of your dreams. If you don’t have enough money, I’m sure your parents would love to help you. A lot of things for your wedding can be done in a DIY style and still look gorgeous.

You don’t need to spend money on wedding planner man/woman. You can download planners online and made a cute binder to have everything on track. Savings, yay!

To be honest, your wedding dress will never look as good on you as when you’re 20-something.

It is the best time to marry and invite all of your still living grandparents. I bet they all wish so much to see you happy standing there in your pretty white dress and saying YES to the man you truly love.

Studies show that if you marry your best friend, your marriage will be 100% and you will live so much happier. So choose carefully, you marry only once (in theory). Tell me in the comments what thoughts you have when it comes to marriage, would love to hear from you.

Look at this dress, click.

Love, M.

  • Larisa Golob

    Se čisto strinjam in sama ne potrebujem (niti nočem) velike poroke za katero bi zapravila veliko denarja. 🙂 Torej zakaj čakati do 30-nekaj let. 😉

    • Ja, denarja bi res šlo ogromno za veliko ljudi, pa tudi čar izgubi vse skupaj, če je prenasičeno 🙂

  • Hanna

    Yes to marrying your best friend –Hanna Lei

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  • Neža

    I totally agree with you, why wait 10 years or more to make a commitment. If you feel that this is the right person for you and you cannot imagine life without him/her, if you are already making long term plans together, marriage is the next step 🙂

  • The problem is – people don’t realize who their best friends are and who aren’t sometimes – and this is when divorce happens.