How to hunt a job of your dreams: Checklist

Are you stuck in your career or you haven’t even started building one? Well, thinking about dream jobs gives me an inspiration to try get one in the best way possible. To present myself as I am, to make sure my resume is the best and to lighten up the best jobs that gave me skills to work where I want. So how to hunt a job you want to so bad?



Firstly – update your resume. This is the first and the most important part of you. The first impression is also based on the resume. Make sure you delete the jobs you did part time as a teenager, search for grammar errors, update some skills information,… I’m personally not a fan of classic resumes, the more artistic, the better – because that’s who I am. Also don’t forget to add all the knowledge you got with some courses, add the certificates, etc.

Plan, plan, plan. You are probably not going to be marketing director instantly. Write down simple steps on how to achieve this goal. Go on the hunt of smaller marketing jobs that can lead you in higher positions, make some good friends (yes, I think you can be friends with people you work with), good relations and by that you will get some great skills that can lead you further.

If you have already done jobs in the field where your dream job is, try calling people you worked for for some recommendations. They will be happy to write one for you if you were a good worker and had good relationships.

Update your LinkedIn profile – it’s very useful platform for everyone to check your online “resume”, see where you worked and how do people like you when it comes to business. If you haven’t already set an account, click here and start building one.

Remember: don’t ever give up on what you love. Once you get your dream job, you will never have to work again.


Make sure you let me know in the comments what would you really like to do in your life

Love, M.