The glory of living alone

I never thought I would live alone so very soon. I know, my parents moved away from their parents when they were like, 20, but now time’s a bit different and a very important factor when thinking about moving. You need to be independent in so many ways, financially, emotionally, etc. Of course I didn’t know that when I moved, or at least not in such a realistic way. I am now working, blogging, opening my business, keeping my creative inner child alive, cleaning my toiler, cooking, IRONING (god I hate that), not forgetting about my friends, spending time with my dog and still have some time for myself. Superwoman much?
I can’t say I’m not happy, I am, very, living on my own is great, but also….

1. That laundry isn’t gonna wash itself. So cut time in your me-time planner for some stupidity and start washing. Everything. 🙂

2. The moment you realise you won’t be able to go on summer holidays because you haven’t saved a penny because your pay is so small.

3. Oh, the bills: electricity, water, phone, FOOD! – try eat local/bio/etc. and see what happens, gas, … I need to save money.

4. It takes time to master cooking for one. I still don’t know how much spaghetti to cook for lunch and I end up eating them for dinner too. Thank god salad doesn’t care:)

5. You really need time for your friends. It gets lonely living alone. Sometimes. Otherwise it just feels great no one bothering you about WHEN are you going to clean up.

6. Invest in bookshelves, because books need a special altar for them.

7. Also, invest in some cute decor, it’ll make you feel really good. I’m changing my decor seasonly, now I have some bright flower bouquets, a bird chain where I keep a good candle, etc. Very springy 🙂

8. Declutter to keep everything in order. I love it. Makes my soul brighter and happier.

9. It’s finally THE time your toilet seat won’t be left up for no reason. YAY!

10.  Remember to double check your curtains if walking naked.

Although living alone can be kind of frightening and sometimes really hard (to save money and live with nothing or not to save money and eat local, expensive and very healthy food? – my first and most important existential question:)), it gives you that freedom you don’t have with living with your parents. I had some troubles adapting to my new place, but when I decorated it the way I wanted I now feel very peaceful and secure here.

Did you have any troubles moving away from your parents emotionally? How do you keep on track now, with so much to be done in a day? Would love to hear your experiences and tips down in the comments.
                                                                             Love, M.